If I Were A Boy

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well said, John Gray, well said. How men and women communicate and process situations and emotions are as if each species were from different planets, and in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. As society deems women to be emotional and expressive. Where as men are told to keep their emotions in check. Whether the stereotype is true or not, I do wish I can shut down emotion on demand. One quality I wouldn’t mind from time to time. Though it’s completely unhealthy to suppress emotions, being able to reserve emotions can help focus on oneself and be completely selfish. To be simple minded, I mean … focused. Would do some good once in a while.

Outfit post representing men’s style and influence mixed in with a little bit of femininity.






IMG_3789Top: Reformation. Trousers: Zara. Shoes: Helmut Lang. Jewelry: Gorjana.

Sunnies: Celine.

Photos: Louis Trinh 


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