Layering 101

As a Southern California native, layering pieces of clothing has been something I’ve mastered throughout the years.  Keeping up with the temperature fluctuations throughout the day and maintaining a chic look is possible!  So here’s my formula for a casual, layered look without applying any fashion book rules.

Start off with a basic buttoned front shirt as the base for your outfit.  Top it off with a knit or sweater that allows the base shirt to peep through under. If you want to add a little boldness, find a blouse with a dramatic sleeve and/or with a detailed hem line.  Then finish it off with a jacket to complete the look.

From dealing with LA traffic and the chaos trying to run my errands can easily make me feel like a hot mess with hot flashes, and with this summer like heat we’re currently experiencing, I need to be able to peel off pieces of  clothing quickly as I go through my day and be able to put them back on once the coastal cool breeze hits at the end of the day.  You might feel like a hot mess, but don’t look like one.



imageimage image


Jacket & Skirt: Zara. Buttoned-Front Shirt: H&M. Sweater: Forever 21. Shoes: Adidas

Captured by Dennis Stapleton (IG: @MENVCE)

Edit by Sofian Ketfi (IG: @SofianKetfi) 



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