Less is More

      That is which is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated. Ain’t that the truth. When complex situations enter your life, the best thing to do is to simplify. Simplify the problem, simplify the answer and let things unravel in a way that you’re not killing yourself and your emotions by overthinking, over analzying.  Easier said than done I suppose. But as things become more simple, they become clearer and more profound. It’s understood, appreciated and we grow.

When it comes to fashion, too much, can be too much.  And as much as I appreciate the out of the box, lavish, flamboyant fashion, I love me some simple. I feel the sexiest in my blue jeans and white tee along with dainty jewelry.  I’m comfortable. I’m uncomplicated. I’m me, simplified.
IMG_1185 IMG_1186 IMG_1184 IMG_1183 IMG_1182

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Designer Jewelry: Rocksbox.com. Jeans: Brandy Melville. Top: HnM. Shoes:

Forever 21

Photos: Sofian Ketfi

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