Open Road

An open road means open possibilities. Open possibilities can mean opportunity and growth.  And when we face the fork in the road, it’s where we make choices.  Life is all about choices, some we regret and some we are proud of, and I can’t help but look back at fashion trends that I’ve fallen victim for in the past years and laugh at myself.  Quite possibly this overall ensemble shown below may be one I regret a few years from now.  But the amazing part about trends, is that it’s very forgiving and always evolving. Simply put, trends will always reinvent itself and come back into the fashion world, sort of an upgrade, if you will.  Choices in fashion are never wrong, but more so not for everyone. So when you look back at past pictures of embarrassing outfits and styles, know that it’s probably  “The New Look” in today’s top fashion magazines.

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Overalls: Kinsley Shop. Top: Brandy Melville. Boots: See by Chloe. Flannel: Ralph Lauren Polo. Jacket: Zara

Photo: Sofian Ketfi

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