Something New in 2015

     Every new year we all have that extra boost of enthusiam of wanting to be and do bigger and better. A sort of, fresh start to a new goal with eyes wide open and adventurous spirit, the infamous New Year’s resolution.  Definitely nothing wrong with that ambitious attitude, the only thing with that, is to keep it all year long and for most people, even myself, it’s a hard to maintain.  So this year, to keep me from disappointment and failure, three things needed to change. (1.) I decided to skip the New Year’s Resolution and have daily goals.  Small daily goals that are attainable and slowly build up to the big picture goal of where I want to be.  (2.) Have a different goal. Every year my reoccurring goal is to eat cleaner, get leaner and save money.  Though, I’m embarrassed to say, I half ass my efforts towards these goals and really need to look into the steps I need to take in achieving it.  (3.) Be more detail oriented this year.  Like any good planner, you have to formulate the steps towards the goal and organize.  Eureka! Well, no so fast…Then, I realize, these goals of eating healthier, looking better and managing my money better, should be standard of daily living.  So I thought to myself, what part of my life do I want to see achievement and progress?  The answer, Revolving Ape.

     Revolving Ape was an image that’s been brewing in my mind for probably the last 7-8 years.  A fashion blog encapsulated in my head full of ideas and creativity that only I  had access to, a sort of, private social media profile, if you will.  I attempted to start it years before but never really tried.  I prided myself on being a go get-er and do-er rather than just a dreamer.  With other parts of my life, yes, I was all those things, except what I was passionate about, fashion.  A big reason of holding back was the fear of failing, the fear of disappointment and the fear of negative criticism.  I hate to sound cliche, but  my fear was the only thing getting in the way of getting what I wanted, and I knew I wanted to be more than just a dreamer of fashion.  Now that I’ve started,  I realized that was the easy part.  The work towards this blogging life is on a whole different level, socializing, constant updating and  networking.

     I’ll be honest, I’m not one to glorify bloggers, but I do admire the work they put behind their network.  Who knew diligent, shame-less self promoting selfies can take you places.  Kidding.  With all jokes aside,  bloggers  are making a living out of basically being who they are, such as The Blond Salad Chiara Ferragni, Sincerely Jules Julie Sarinana,  and so many more successful bloggers out there, you can’t do anything but congratulate.  They not only changed up the blogging game but they’re making their statement in the fashion industry as It Girls, reaping the benefits of the job, traveling around the world, gratis from designers and entrepreneur opportunities.  Attempting at this blogging life, I now understand.  The constant updates of what your readers want to read and see.  The amount of visual and literal creativity behind it.  The magnitude of internet a blogger has to do is grand.   And not to mention all the socializing and networking. And when it comes to this part of blogging,  I’m terrified, my little friend named Fear is tagging along side when it calls for mingling with other people via internet and events,  it’s the hardest part for me.  I’m an introvert, so reaching out is definitely stepping outside my norm.  I want to meet new people and develop new relationships, especially with those who have common interests, it’s one of the many benefits of blogging.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion of putting myself out there more, stepping outside my comfort zone and reaching out to fellow media personnels that have similar goals as me.  Which means I have to kick my tag-along friend, Fear, to the curb starting in 2015 and for the rest of the years to come!  Cheers to the new challenges and all the personal growth to come forth.


Coat:Zara. Shirt:Reformation. Jeans:Brandy Melville. Shoes:Liberty Black Boots

Photos by: Sofian Ketfi

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