The Art of Manliness

Act like lady, think like a man. Man implying be like a boss. The Art of Manliness throughout decades encompasses the qualities of a man to be strong, project a sense confidence, authority and self assurance when walking into a room. And they do this by putting on their best suit and making a grand first impression. But I’m glad to say, it isn’t just a man’s world anymore.  Since the beginning, women have been fighting for equal rights and general equality in the world we live in today. A struggle throughout history that’s unjust, but these struggles portray how strong and passionate women can be when they don’t get their way.  And I thank you to all the women, recognized and not, that pioneered the way for the CEO, independent, bad bosses of our generation today.  It not only shaped the way we live, but gave a lasting and growing influence in society, an attitude that’s bold and recognizable.  I salute you and forever grateful for opening up opportunities that wouldn’t exits if it weren’t for the women who reformed against the housewife and mother stereotype.  Whether it is burning bralettes or looking put together in a suit on a podium, the modern woman demands attention.

It’s just not man bosses out there, but lady bosses that look and play the part of the man in the suit and we look damn good in it.

Who run the world? GIRLS  (in Beyonce’s voice)
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Top: Zara. Trousers: Reformation. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag (similar here)

Photos: Sofian Ketfi

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