The Art of Unplugging

Why is it that when things in life get too hectic or even when your daily routine feels so redundant, and all you want to do is get away, it’s so hard to jus shut it all down.  A mental break, even for the slightest second. It literally takes so much energy to be thoughtless. Personally, shutting off my thoughts momentarily is truly a difficult practice for me to do. My mind is constantly running through thoughts, analyzing, dissecting, repeating things over and over again. Which typically gets me into trouble and from time to time, sleep deprived.  As the famous Edgar Allan Poe said, “I remained too much inside my head I ended up losing my mind.” And that’s exactly what can happen if you don’t take the time to unplug.

A form of meditation needed daily to calm the mind, therefore calm the body and relieve stress. A time for yourself to just relax and remain sane. They say when you practice this, in whatever way or form, you take on situations calmer with a positive perspective, increasing your quality of life. A vacation for the mind.

As I mentioned earlier, shutting off my brain and just learning to meditate has been a long learning process. I like to get away from home and explore unfamiliar places near or far. I turn off notifications, delete social media apps and cut myself off from emails! (Side note: make your self available to a selected few for emergencies) What I’m trying to get at is to cut yourself off from the world so that you’re not distracted from what you’re taking a break from, but only what is presently around you. Helping you to be more mindful. And I’ve taken the experiences from my adventures and practiced applying them to my daily routine.  It’s really helped me be more patient and cultivate a greater attitude for gratitude. And when you start seeing the positive and have appreciation for each aspect of your life, how you see things really do change, for the better.  Even LA traffic doesn’t have me stressed out, angry at the world, ‘You asshole! Learn how to f***drive’ temper anymore or at lease, not as often.  My point of view on traffic has changed from anxiously  sitting in one place for a long period of time to taking advantage of the time alone in a confined space to clear my head. Especially on the way to work. This practice sets me up off to a good mood before a 12 hour shift of non stop interaction and unpredictability. Now, I’m actually grateful for the time I’m alone in my car.

On top of clearing your mind and relieving current stressors, wonderful things can present themselves because your open to your physical surroundings and surrounding energies. For instance, experiencing the magic of connecting with another person face to face rather than connecting through a screen. When you’re on your phone going through social media, emails, games, your head is down, closing yourself off to the world. That body language just repels a possible interaction with someone or something that’s in your immediate presence. A distraction that keeps you disconnected.  There’s a spark that enlightens you when you connect with another person, start a conversation,  eye contact and facial expressions that accentuate an emotion.  A relation that may last for just that moment but you can take away so much value in that given time. There’s a lot of magic in the world, so don’t miss it by keeping your head down and not living in the present.

To unplug and to practice mindfulness takes courage, just like everything else. But whether unplugging is taking a trip, getting your nails done, taking a walk, even if t’s just a few minutes in the shower, it can instantly change how your day will be. And once you feel rebooted and rejuvenated you’re able to reconnect on a deeper level with the people that matter most in your life and face all the things good or bad, with more patience and an alternative outlook.

Pictures are from my trip from Bingin beach, Bali, in an amazing villa. Not only did my friends and I surround ourselves with beautiful aesthetics, but with beautiful people with good vibes and great energy to feed off from. Bali is such a unique place with such a rich culture, it was a perfect place to let go, unplug and do nothing but live in the moment.






Swimsuit: TRIANGL Hat: Urban Outfitters

If you have an upcoming trip to Bali and would like to inquire about the Villa, please email me at


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